The electrical system keeps your building at top functioning in ways big and small: from driving the HVAC system and assuring fire safety, to powering communications technology and the home entertainment unit. But it requires ongoing attention to keep it that way. With concerns about the sustainability and costs, there’s a continual awareness of how well the system is working, whether it’s meeting the growing demand for power or making the most of the latest technology. L+M Electrical will reconcile all of the complexities and help you get the most out of your system. Our services include:

New residential and commercial building systems:

The electrical systems we design are comprehensive in scope, use the latest technology, and have built-in flexibility to meet all of the challenges and changes that come along. That is true for all of the residential, commercial, and institutional electrical systems we design. Besides electrical systems – including distribution – we also assist with fire alarm and security as well as lighting design.

Electrical alterations/additions

We can assist in numerous ways to assure that your building is operating at its best. Our help includes the following:

Electrical audits

An electrical energy audit are performed to pinpoint existing system issues and capacity as well as any safety issues. The audit provides recommendations to improve the system’s electrical efficiency, increase the building capacity, and identify solutions for safety issues. The study includes steps needed to perform the work, a cost estimate, and an estimated timetable. L&M Electrical will also take the study further to find way to reduce or eliminate any downtime for the tenants.

Electrical service and distribution systems

Developing the optimum electrical system that anticipates your building’s needs

Existing electrical system evaluations and recommendations

Taking a close look at your building’s system and its level of performance, then offering suggestions on what needs to be fixed and where new thinking and technology will help.

Fire alarm systems

Saving lives is our first concern in designing fire alarm systems. We synchronize all of the elements – from the alarms themselves to door closures – to assure that when a fire happens, people are safe and the fire’s contained.

Security systems

We design thorough systems that secure every part of the space for those who use it. Each system is discrete while still offering a visible, reassuring presence.

Cogeneration systems

Consider the potential savings that comes with a system that generates both power and heat and uses the heat to produce hot water, heat in the winter and cooling during the summer. This lowers costs throughout the year and also offers backup when the power goes down.

Lighting system design: interior and exterior

Whether it’s for evening games at an outdoor playing field or more intimate spaces like a building lobby, we design a lighting system that meets the needs and demands of the space.

Building condition reports

Offering an evaluation of the system’s remaining capacity so that you can anticipate future needs knowing today’s supply.