They are essential to every building: the mechanical and plumbing systems that provide the necessary air, heat, cooling, and water for those who live and work in them. The best systems, such as those designed by L+M are comprehensive, efficient, cost effective and flexible. To keep them that way we offer a variety of services to assure they are always state-of-the-art. Those services include:


New Residential and Commercial Building System

Every new mechanical and plumbing system we design incorporates the latest technology for heating, air distribution and water use. Tailored for each particular structure, we design the system with built-in flexibility to anticipate changes in energy efficient methods and technology.


Mechanical and Plumbing Repairs, Alterations and Additions

Buildings are subject to continuous change. Because of wear and tear over time their systems will need to be replaced or upgraded; new technology appears that offers significant cost savings; and unexpected challenges arise including the need for resiliency. L+M helps building owners and managers meet all of these demands with a team of experts in engineering and architecture who can help in the following ways:

Feasibility Studies

The first step in undertaking any significant project is to understand all of its implications. Most important of course is the cost and any potential short or long-term operational savings, or both. But it’s also necessary to understand its effects on building spaces, systems and operations; any impacts on tenants; and the potential for positive change such as introduction of new features. We want building owners, managers, and tenants to go into a project prepared – with eyes wide open. It’s how we do business.

Boiler Replacements

Replacing a boiler starts with understanding and planning what equipment and upgrades should be called for and installed. We’ll think through the design as well as space and structural requirements of the new equipment, file documents with the necessary agencies, and make the process as smooth as possible.

Boiler Plants and Gas Conversion

When a building converts to a gas system, we’ll recommend the best replacement. That includes looking for more efficient systems that offer savings over the short and/or long term.

Chiller Systems

When replacing chiller systems, we look at more advanced units that can offer as much as a 40% savings in utility bills. Our staff will take you through the process from evaluation of need to design and installation – and of course follow up to make sure it’s functioning as promised.

Chilled Water Riser Replacements

We will inspect leaking risers and introduce new risers as needed.

Fan Coil Unit Riser Replacements

As the unit gives way, we will recommend a more efficient fan replacement.

Cooling Towers

We will design a new tower when the current one is no longer usable. That can include the introduction of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) which get rid of most of the drawbacks that come with starter-controlled fans.

HVAC System Repair and Upgrades

A regular program of inspection and repair allows us to propose more efficient options.

Hot Water Heaters

We will recommend the best replacement, design the space, oversee the installation and do follow up.

Oil Tank Installations

Our design and oversight of oil tank installations will make sure the process is worry free.

Plumbing Systems

We’ll design and oversee the replacement and cost effective upgrades of your plumbing systems.

Water, Sanitary and Gas Risers

We’ll design and oversee the replacement and cost effective upgrades of your plumbing systems

Back Flow Prevention

To insure a water system safe from back flow, we’ll oversee the design and introduction of a backflow device, and make sure it is performing as require.

Water Filtration Systems

The system L+M engineers design will keep the building water pure and free from contaminants.


We start by making building-by-building assessments of what measures are necessary to keep building systems secure and continuously functioning. That’s followed by the design of comprehensive measures that take into account every kind of potential danger, and overseeing their implementation.

Building Mechanical and Plumbing Reviews

When it comes to the condition of the building, no one likes surprises. Our comprehensive review of building mechanical and plumbing systems lets owners and managers anticipate what needs to be fixed, where potential savings are available, anticipate changing needs and meet new regulatory demands. It’s the best foundation for planning the building’s future.