Having seen Hurricane Sandy’s impact on structural and MEP systems, building owners and managers want to plan ahead. To prepare their buildings for future storms and flooding, owners and managers are turning to L+M.  Our experts can tell where a building is vulnerable, plan how to address it, and undertake the renovations that will make it as storm proof as possible. Here’s how we can help:

Condition Reports and Studies

We’ll survey the building and site to identify and analyze all of the systems and locations which are vulnerable to the wind and water of severe storms.

We’ll then prepare a report which summarizes our findings and makes recommendations for action.


Using the condition report, we will prepare an upgrade plan. It includes sequencing the repairs for system protection and, if necessary, relocation. And it also allows time for possible upgrade of systems if the current ones are vulnerable.

Renovation and Upgrades

Our teams of architects and engineers will design innovative, cost conscious solutions to resiliency challenges and oversee their installation. Whether it’s the relocation of electrical systems, devising special protection for boilers, or designing barrier walls and landscaping, we don’t go for the easiest solution, we aim for the most effective one.