Educational facilities play actual and symbolic roles in affecting the quality of education growing children receive. L+M is expert in the repair and upgrading of both the school façade and all of the facilities – classrooms, public spaces such as gyms and auditoriums, corridors and entrances that make up today’s school. We understand both the trends and challenges in learning and teaching in today’s world and our work on the physical building helps make facilitate and meet them, and do so cost effectively.

Feasability Studies

A feasibility study is the essential first step for any school project from both a budgetary and design perspective. It outlines the project’s scope, requirements, challenges and cost, and lets the administration make an informed go/no-go decision. Because of our experience with all types and ages of educational and other building types, our review and recommendations are comprehensive. We know what to look for and, when a condition is found, what the implications are. And our cost effective estimate lets you plan ahead.

Exterior and Interior Renovations

School exterior and interior renovations are intertwined. An up-to-date building, regardless of when it was constructed, should provide a physically and psychologically secure place for learning. We work with you to make sure that inside and out, from building systems to public spaces and classrooms, the facility reflects the latest in pedagogical trends and the institution’s values. Our design and engineering staff provide expert help in the following areas:

Building Envelope Review, Repair and Upgrades

A structure is only as secure as its envelope. To make sure your school’s facade is sound, we first conduct a visual inspection from the ground and then make a meticulous inspection from scaffolding. As part of the inspection we include windows and exterior doors.

Our expertise in historic preservation and restoration means we have in-depth experience with masonry facades and the problems that can arise. Once we’ve finished the inspection, we outline next steps and, after winning the necessary approvals, will implement them to make the envelope a seamless whole.

Interior Repairs and Renovations

L+M is adept in upgrading all spaces with a school, from large-scale auditoriums and gyms to classrooms, offices and building entrances.

  • Entrances, lobbies and corridors – making them safe, secure and welcoming
  • Bathrooms – providing well-lit, easily cleaned spaces with the latest fixtures.
  • Classroom, laboratory and learning spaces – bringing them up-to-date with the latest technology and layouts to reflect how students learn today.
  • Athletic, recreational, and performance spaces – renewing areas for public gatherings, culture and sports, refreshed with new equipment, seating and finishes
  • Handicap accessibility – providing equal access to all students, whatever their physical challenge.

Structural Review, Repair and Upgrade

When reviewing the condition of a school’s structure, a visual inspection comes first, followed by a sound analysis, and then probes and bores into the building envelope. If there is damage, structural compromise or failure of any kind, we want to know the extent and the cause of it. We then come up with a phased program of repairs or upgrades to restore the structure’s integrity without affecting use by students and faculty.
In addition to work on the overall structure, we can also oversee:

  • Sidewalk and vault repairs
  • Roof repairs and replacement

Mechanical and Plumbing Review, Repair and Upgrades

Because of wear and tear over time, mechanical and plumbing systems will need to be replaced or upgraded. New technology regularly appears that supports efficiencies in operations; and unexpected challenges arise including the need for resiliency. L+M helps schools meet all of these demands whether it’s a boiler replacement, a new chiller, or repair of the HVAC or plumbing system.

Electrical Review, Repair and Upgrades

We can assist in numerous ways to assure that your school supports new learning technologies and is energy efficient. They range from energy audits, to updated security and fire safety systems, to overall upgrades and introduction of cogeneration systems. We can also design new lighting programs and augment your current electrical system to meet growing demands for power.

Fire Safety

Saving lives is our first concern in designing fire alarm systems. We synchronize all of the elements – from the alarms themselves to door closures – to assure that when a fire happens, the school community is safe and the fire’s contained.


We design thorough systems that secure every part of the school for those who use it. Each system is discrete while still offering a visible, reassuring presence.

Energy Audits

If school administration wants to reduce its energy footprint and costs, conducting an energy audit and introducing energy efficient fixes offers perfect cost-saving sense. Of course, LL87 requires that every large building perform an energy audit, but L+M Energy takes that assessment several steps further, in both completeness and the delivery of greater savings. The result is up to 40% reduction in energy costs and an up-to-date-energy profile for the building.

Building Condition Reports

An overall building assessment consists of a top-to-bottom review of every aspect of your school’s physical condition. We note what repairs and upgrades are needed, and then, keeping in mind your goals for the facility, create a realistic schedule, prioritizing those conditions that need attention right away for repairs.