Location New York, NY
Owner Gumley Haft Real Estate Inc.
Total $85,000
Completion 2016

This 15-story luxury co-op building, which opened in 1962, wanted to install a new electrical chiller and needed more electrical capacity to accommodate it. It also needed to upgrade the electrical room to correct violations and provide the additional service switch needed for the chiller.

L+M Electrical did just that while maintaining power to the building’s 46 units. The list of actions taken is as follows:

  • Demolition and removal of the existing electrical equipment including the main service switchboard, end line box, and master meter CT cabinet in the main electric room.
  • Provide and install new end line box connected to existing Con Edison P.O.E.
  • Provide and install a new 1600A service switch with master meter CT cabinet to feed the electrical loads.
  • Provide and install new 400A service switch to feed the commercial space meters.
  • Provide and install a new building distribution panel.
  • Re-wire and reconnection of existing loads to the new Building Distribution panel inside the electrical room.