Basil Taha

Basil F. Taha

Senior Associate


Basil F. Taha is a project engineer administrating construction on numerous roofing concrete and masonry projects. Several of these residential buildings and complexes are designated New York City landmarks, and the range of projects costs is between $1 million and $60 million. He joined L+M in January, 1987 and is currently in charge of 12 contract administrators, whose function is to administer construction contracts.



Mr. Taha has overseen façade restoration and in some cases roof replacement as well as, in some cases, balcony replacement and/or roof replacement in the following New York City and New Jersey projects: San Remo Apartments, The Doric Apartments, East River Houses, Knickerbocker Village, One Hanson Place, The Eldorado, The Beresford Apartments and Luna Park.


Education and Organizations

A graduate of the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Structural Engineering degree, Mr. Taha has attended the Manville Roofing Course, various construction management courses at the University of New York and various other concrete and masonry seminars.  Mr. Taha is a member of the ACI, the Brick Institute of America and the National Roofing Association.