Syed Shoaib

Syed Shoaib

Syed Shoaib


Partner | Head of Structural Engineering Division


Mr. Shoaib leads the Structural Engineering Division of Lawless + Mangione. He is a seasoned engineer with a career spanning over 22 years. Mr. Shoaib possesses a wide range of structural engineering experience, encompassing a broader array of services in the construction industry, including structural analysis and design, project management, quality assurance, project estimation and planning, condition assessment, forensic analysis, inspections and structural design. Since his inception to Lawless + Mangione in 2020, he has been responsible for the evaluation, design, supervision, and execution of L+M’s structural engineering work. His engagement includes new structures and restoration for institutional, commercial and residential projects involving several New York City designated landmarks. Department management, contracts and client management, active involvement in marketing prospective work, ensuring regulatory and code compliance of the structural deliverables without compromising the professional standards are also some of his responsibilities. Mr. Shoaib routinely represents the company at various networking and marketing events and acts as liaison at times to individuals within and outside of the company.


New Structural Design

Evaluated, supervised and designed the new construction ranging from single family houses, mid to low rise buildings, strip malls, industrial structures, adaptive reuse, waste water treatment plant components. Structural systems involving concrete, wood and timber, structural steel, aluminum, glass, masonry and stone, cast in place, precast, pre stressed, post tensioned, proprietary and/or hybrid systems were considered, designed and proposed as part of the new structural designs efforts.


Restoration and Rehabilitations

The scope included evaluation and designing the repairs necessary for the repair documentation. Recommendations included removing the deteriorated structural members and repairing them using comparable strength repair materials ensuring serviceability and durability. Strengthening of compromised sections using carbon fibers wrap and/or steel segments. Buildings and Garages of several construction types (i.e. Wood and timber, Masonry load bearing construction, Poured in place concrete construction, Flat tiled arch system, Cinder concrete over encased steel beams, Structural steel buildings, Precast double T, Hollow core, post tensioned, composite slab on structural steel, and Filigree Wide slab system) ranging to as much as 1000 feet tall, and upto a 1000 stalls were evaluated and repairs were designed and executed.


Forensics, Pre and Post Occupancy Evaluations and Local Law evaluations

Mr. Shoaib has performed forensic analysis, condition assessment, building envelop evaluation, pre and post occupancy evaluations for countless properties and conditions throughout the north eastern region.


Education and Organizations

The recipient of a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree with Honors from the University of Engineering and Technology, Mr. Shoaib is a licensed professional engineer registered in eight states including the great state of New York. Mr. Shoaib is licensed in NY, VA, PA, CT, DE, MD, NJ and West Virginia and holds an NCEES Record.